"Surrounded" is a pixel shooter made in action games style like in 80s of the 20th century. You have received an order to defend your base against hordes of foreign creatures. Your objective is to repel waves of incoming hostiles using your turret. Gain experience for enemies and reach higher levels to become stronger on a battlefield! Beat 40 stages in Story Mode! Fight with the four powerful bosses! Resist enemy forces in Survival Mode as long as you can! Gain achievements for making progress in the game!


The HTML5 version of the game does not support threads which most of specific audio functions rely on. One of them is possibility to loop music from the middle ("seek" function). Don't be surprised if you will hear "gap" in the end of the main menu music. I cannot do anything with this issue as I'm not responsible for the tool porting "Love2D" to "Emscripten". See this link for additional information: The "seek" and "tell" audio methods aren't working in compatibility mode

If you'd like to rate the game, please don't reduce ratings for this issue. It's not my fault!


  • left mouse button - select option / fire
  • right mouse button - back to previous state / pause


Demo Edition of "Surrounded" contains only first five stages. Download now the Free Edition to receive:

  • 2 difficulty levels
  • Game save
  • Storyline
  • 20 Story Mode stages
  • Survival Mode
  • 3 new enemies
  • 2 bosses
  • Achievements


Get the full potential of "Surrounded" buying it now for 4.99 USD! Extension unlocks:

  • 2 additional difficulty levels (Hard & Expert)
  • 20 additional Story Mode stages
  • 2 new enemies
  • 2 another bosses
  • Even more achievements

Warning! Save games in Free Edition aren't compatible with the Premium Edition. You have to start from scratch.


2.1.1 (23 December, 2023)
  • updated "Love2D" to 11.5
  • optimised source code
  • added hiding of mouse cursor in the epilogue scene (PC)
  • changed position of the cards counter in the tips scene
  • changed enemies layout in the 6th stage
  • adjusted difficulty in the 2nd stage of Story Mode
  • adjusted achievements system (there is no more limit in collecting them in a row)
  • fixed a bug with not hiding boss health bar when you start a stage from scratch
  • fixed drawing of bars of firing enemies reloading
  • fixed awarding an achievement for Kami-Bomb only when it is destroyed by the turret
  • fixed order of drawing explosions (now they are drawn on the top)
  • fixed vocabulary (mainly in English)
2.1 (7 December 2023)
  • optimised source code
  • added hiding of mouse cursor in some scenes (PC)
  • added text encouraging to download / buy an edition offering more content
  • fixed description of the Expert difficulty - now the "Indicators" word is used instead of "Bars"
  • adjusted the speed threshold of scrolling using touch input (Android)
  • changed the bars opacity default value from 90% to 80%
  • changed enemies layout in the 18th stage
  • adjusted difficulty in many stages of Story Mode
  • adjusted enemy randomisation in Survival Mode (there were too high roundings of floating-point values)
  • adjusted randomisation of Kami-Bomb & Dragonfly in Survival Mode
  • insignificantly increased length of the boss health bar
2.0 (29 October 2023)
  • updated "Love2D" to 11.4
  • moved instalators into 64-bit architecture (I can make 32-bit if I receive signals from many players)
  • reconstructed source code using the updated template
  • added additional wave in the 39th stage
  • added a missing sentence in the storyline in English
  • added 5% to XP multiplier for Kami-Bomb
  • added 10% to XP multiplier for firing enemies
  • added two new statistics in the statistics menu
  • adjusted difficulty in all stages of Story Mode
  • adjusted threshold of amount of XP needed for the next level
  • adjusted XP multiplier on all difficulty levels other than Normal
  • changed enemies layout in several stages of Story Mode
  • adjusted XP for achievements
  • doubled density of statistics values of all entities (there were too high roundings of gained XP on other difficulties than Normal)
  • significantly increased chance for bonus in the 4th stage which introduces them
  • fixed vocabulary


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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action
Made withLÖVE
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Minimalist, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Top-Down, Top down shooter
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Polish


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